SABINA MUSAYEV is a women's ready towear fashion brand that was established in 2011 by the couple Meir Moyal and Sabina Moyal Musayev.

Musayev graduated with a B.A at Shenkar College for Design and Engineering in Israel. Growing up as a third generation of tailors in Baku, Azerbaijan, an area rich with textile heritage, she draws inspiration from decorative and ethnic aesthetics, combined with a modern receptiveness, she creates unique, poetic and feminine garments.

Sabina has built a global fashion house to celebrates femininity of all forms that brings to the front new interpretation of the modern woman, and is known for romantic standout prints, upscale versatility, and refined silhouettes.

We believe in honoring old-world craftsmanship and embracing traditional techniques while consistently mastering the delicate balance of trendy timeless.

The essence of SABINA MUSAYEV is to create high-quality, beautifully cut pieces that can be worn forever. The collections are well balanced with sophisticated, casual, and comfortable styles alongside glamorous evening looks for holidays and special events.